Week 6 – Drum Recording

Check out this cheeky link which has some solid guidance on drum mic’ing.

In fact they have an excellent collection of articles on numerous topics.

Heres a slightly flat but informative youtube video by Presonus (processors & interface manufacturers) on mic’ing up drums (P.S. Just because he EQ’s his individual drum mics like that, doens’t mean it will work for you..always use your ears!)

Sound on Sound‘s take on drum recording

Sound on Sound review of Samson Drum mics

Heres an interesting interview with Mick Glossop by recordproduction.com, (look for video feature)

Also check out  Tony Platt talking about recording AC/DC’s Back in Black

and theres 3 videos on Ken Scott mic’ing drums

In fact, why not waste the rest of the day, and watch 148 other fascinating FREE videos


Week 5 – Microphones

This mixingstudio1.pdf should help you when setting up studio 1 for mixing.

Heres some more links which you may find useful


Sontronics , they’ve also created a Mic Application guide (pdf)

SE Electronics




DPA – Check out  the Application guides & “Mic University” on how to go about mic’ing various situations. Make sure you check out Microphone Technology Guide

Choosing & Using Microphones pdf from Audiotechnica – Lots of interesting info in this one…

Week 4 – Effects

A useful resource: http://www.wikirecording.org/Category:Tutorials

More links to follow

Week 3

Really good explanation of compression and its uses

A knowledgeable article on compression and different compressors.

Heres another good read, this ones from dbx

BBC report on hearing damage

Download tracksheets for the studio desks from here:

Studio 1: oramtracksheet

Studio 4: Allen & Heath

More info on Allen Heath desk

Studio 8: xtctracksheet


Mackie stuff:

Mackie 32:8 manual

Back of Mixing Desk


Check out the new version of Melodyne which allows you to change notes within guitar chords, after its
been recorded…

Heres Danny from Point Blank testing it out on a soulful house track

Sound Engineering Module

As the term progresses I’ll add more links and more info, and possibly even change the look so its not so dull!

Heres some links to be getting on with…

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Soundcraft Education Site – Some great information on basics of mixing desks and their applications (or just download the pdf here)

Postaudio Education Site – An informative site, with a variety of information about recording.


Oram Series 24 Manual

TL Audio Website – To download the manual, click here

Mackie Website

Sound on Sound – A great internet resource, with the ability to search through past articles and stuff.

Kai’s Sound Handbook – Some interesting articles

http://www.indiana.edu/~emusic/acoustics/sound.htm – Basics of sound and acoustics